Outkast on Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink Matter’ & T.I.’s ‘Sorry’ [mp3 DOWNLOAD] (@bigboi @frank_ocean @tip)

big boi pink matter

Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink Matter‘ (listen below) was originally supposed to feature both Big Boi and Andre 3000 but latter chose to stay solo as he didn’t want a new track releasing on a third person’s album. But that is going to change now.

Big Boi posted a photo of some of the lyrics from his verse on Tumblr with the following words “Dropping a verse on this Frank Ocean ‘Pink Matter’“. COS later reached out to Big Boi’s representatives who confirmed that the song is indeed expected to come out sometime next week. This will be Outkast’s first outing in about 6 years and we’re excited about it.

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Frank Ocean – ‘Pink Matter’ (Feat. Andre 3000)




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