Boon League – The Classic Tape (EP) (@BoonLeague)




New-school flows atop old-school beats is what one can expect when they listen to Boon League’s “The Classic Tape”. With 9 tracks each member took it upon him/herself to take on a classic track and kill it! Fans of the “Golden Era” of hip hop will not be disappointed in this EP. BOON!


VIDEO :: Meet Boon League (@boonleague)

Meet the crew. Jay Wat, St.Cyr, Just Blackk, Tha Element, Dubz and Mr. Milky got together to reveal a little bit about themselves and the League. Get familiar with them Boon League boys straight outta San Diego. Be a Boon!

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MIXTAPE :: Boon League – The Mixtape (Hosted by (@BoonLeague)


This is the Boon Mixtape! Consider it a little something to whet your appetite while we’re putting the finishing touches on Boon League 3. This mixtape is comprised of choice cuts from each memeber, put together by mixtape aficionado, (His first mixtape in 2 years!) Enjoy! Boon League 3 coming soon. Stay tuned, be a Boon! Read more for the download link.

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Boon League “Cool B___ Only” Tee (@BoonLeague)

The C.B.O. tee exclusively for Boon representatives who only like to be in company of “Cool” (ahem) “females”. $17 – Get yours:

Check out the previous “FamOus” release.